Who We Are

The Mount Zion Television is an arm of The Mount Zion Film Productions of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries Int’l, a full time Christian organization dedicated to productions of Christian drama and films contents since it’s inception in 1985. The organisation recently celebrated its 30th Year Anniversary in August 2015.

The Mount Zion Film Productions, Nigeria has become an household name since its famous television serials in 1993 and 1994 namely: “Agbara-Nla”, “The Ultimate Power”, “Ide-Esu” and “The Great Mistake”. And since then, the Christian film production organisation has not relented in making strong inspiring and deep-thought provoking Christian movies and Television serials, which has given this Christian organisation a fame through-out Nigeria, Africa and Europe and America.

It is interesting to know that 80% of Nigerian television stations are familiar with Mount Zion films. Many TV channels in some Africa nations run Mount Zion movies like in Kenya, Cameroon, Zambia, Ghana, etc. Likewise, are some TV channels in Europe and America. Therefore, Mount Zion Films’ audience cut across nations, tribes and religion.

The Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama, established since 1991 for training of Christian drama and film production ministers and professionals have trained thousands of Christian film makers and television drama and serial producers across Nigeria, Europe, America and recently India. And many of Nigerian Christian film makers and television producers presently in operations are products of the Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama. 90% of the Christian movies and television soaps coming up on Nigerian TV channels and You-Tube are from the Alumnis of the MZI.

Evang. Mike Bamiloye, the Executive Director of Mount Zion Film Productions and Mount Zion Television is the Chairman, Board of Trustees of Nigeria’s largest drama and film production body: All Nigerian Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers (ANCEDRAM), with apparent influence on the Christian drama and film production associations in North America and UK.

Nigerian Christian movies are becoming a force to reckon with all over Africa, and that is why many churches from some African nations have invitedNigerian Drama Ministers to train their groups and members in the arts of Christian film making in countries like: Ghana, SierraLeone, Gambia, Cameroon, Zambia, Kenya, South Africa, etc. So, the list of Mount Zion films contains movies from these countries.

It will interest you to know that when many Nigerian Christian TV channels, and indeed some Christian TV channels in Africa, were starting off on various cable platforms, the Mount Zion Movies are part of their stories because they began with showing Mount Zion movies right from inceptions.

However, now is time for a 24Hr Christian Movie Channel that is not yet found on any Satellite or Cable platform anywhere in Nigeria, Africa, Europe, America or anywhere in the world.

Availability of Contents:

Apart from movies made from Mount Zion Film Productions, a lot of quality Christian movies are regularly being made by the Christian movie makers and television drama producers from Mount Zion Institute Alumni Association. And quality movies from the Guild of Nigerian Christian Movie Makers (SCREEN RUNNERS) are presently readily available for the MZTV. We can boldly say we have material contents that can keep the Mount Zion Television very interesting and running without getting bored.

Contents Include:

  1. Quality Christian movies
  2. Interviews of Christian movie actors and actresses
  3. The Makings of Christian Movies
  4. Christian Entertainment News – on Movies, Movie-Makers and Artistes
  5. Film Location News and Hapennings.

The Contents of MZTV does not Include Church Sermons or Pastors’ Preachings or Denominational Programs.

The Channel is purely dedicated to Christian Movies and Television Serials and related programs and contents.

70% of Nigerian Christian families and a large percentage of families from other religion are familiar with the contents of Mount Zion movies.

Evang. Mike & Gloria Bamiloye

Executive Director,

Mount Zion Film Productions, Nigeria

Mount Zion Television, Nigeria